Kaymark History

The Kaymark affix or kennel name was started in 1974 by Mrs Silvia Robinson, our first show dog was a Boxer
called Barnstone Bumble-Bee and was Bred by June Robinson of Barnstone Boxers.
Bumble-Bee won at championship level and had numerous best of breed at open shows.
Our next Boxer was Kaymark Ghengis Khan who also won at championship level.

In 1976 we got our first two whippet bitches, Magic Silk and Blondies Pride and thats where our line of
Kaymark Whippets started. Magic Silk was the Dam of Kaymark Mad Max 1cc 2rcc and was bred and
Owned by Mrs Silvia Robinson who founded Kaymark

I Myself Kerrie was top junior handler from 1968 to1976 showing a boxer and went on to win best junior
handler overall at Richmond in 1974
My first junior handler win was under the late Joe Braddon and I also had some very good wins under
Harry Jordan and Fred Demster
I myself started showing whippets in 1984 with Chilka Dusky Dame, and I bred My first litter of whippets in
1986 from where I got Karena Status Quo and had numerous good wins at championship level and he was
Sired By Kaymark Mad Max
I Mated Karena Status Quo to a Bitch I brought in and bred Carina Lisa who gained a rcc, she
had lots of top wins at Championship Shows and open shows
My next litter gave me BluesBreaker sired by Kaymark Blue Atlantis, he won well at championship show's and
was a very sound dog. That was My last litter in whippets for some time but I continued to show by handling
My mothers Kaymark Step to the Beat and he gave me lots of fun in the show ring gaining 2cc and 5 rcc.
He was the sire of Kaymark Barbie Doll who I also handled to good wins in the show ring and she gained 1 cc
and 3 rcc and she took best Bitch in Show and best in show at the South Yorkshire Whippet Club under breed
specialist Bill Armstrong (cornstalk)
And gained her cc under Jim Cowie (benroy) at the Scottish Kennel Club championship Show.
Barbie had her first cc at nine monthe old under the late Terry thorn..
I have also owned and showed Lhasa Apso's
My first Lhasa Apso was Kutani Caught In the Act at Luso, he gained his stud book number and had many
good wins at all levels and went on to win essex top dog
My next show Lhasa Apso was Hello Black Magic from Belazieth and he also gained his stud book number
and did very well.
My next generation of Whippet's are
Kaymark China Doll and Kaymark Attraction and are the Daughters of Kiss N Tell and
Karbon Kopy, Kaymark Chins Doll has now acheived her Junior Warrent and a Show Certificate of Merit.
Kaymark Attraction Has also gained a Show Certificate of Merit